About Us

VIOLENT RECORDS  is  an underground  label  from   Santos  city,  Brazil  (South  America)  that started  on  2004 / August  and   released   cool brutal stuff: the project "ENDLESS  MASSACRE" (compilation  with a lot of Extreme Metal bands) that   actually   is   on  volume  5,  full-lenghts  of bands  such  as   Infector,   Chemical   Disaster (with   Vulcano   vocalist),   Repulsão   Explícita, Predatory,  Brutal  Morticínio,   Hass,   Harmony Fault, Mighty Goat Obscenity and also distribute
a  lot  of  amazing   demos   from  underground masters  like  Hierarchical  Punishment,  Front Attack Line, Preguh, Chaosmaster  and   much   more. Check  some  great  brazilian  bands on
this site and our extend list of distribution!

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